After the year we’ve had we all need a little support and a little community. Better Together Community was created to help promote Nonprofit and Charitable events. There are over 1.5 million nonprofits in the United States, 10 million worldwide and their number one issue is finding funding to support their cause. We at Better Together Community understand that its not going to be solved by corporate support or private grants but by creating a caring community that supports and funds the issues directly. Whether you are in New York City or the rolling hills of California or any where in between there is a Nonprofit in your area that is in need of help. Our platform provides a central location for all the events that make an impact. Golf outings, galas, pet adoptions, carnivals you name it, it makes an impact in your area! Community provides a sense of belonging. We are so glad you are here and we know that you will find an organization that will align with your beliefs. 

We are one, our cause is one and we must help each other; if we are to succeed. -Frederick Douglass