Everyone has a passion. Here at Better Together Community our passion is building awareness and advocating for vulnerable populations. We know how hard it is to raise funds and spread the word about great services and programs available to the community. So we made it our mission to promote all the great work nonprofit and charities do every day!  Each year there are millions of events that benefit your community. Traditional websites promote everything under the sun and REAL, IMPACTFUL events get lost.  Better Together Community is the only online platform dedicated to promoting events that make a difference! We encourage everyone to give back right in your own local community by attending events that benefit you!

Now is the time to know about the work being done in your community and to give back in any way you can. Nonprofits can join and post their events by registering above and the community can search through thousands of events right now! Your new favorite nonprofit and unique event awaits! 

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.
-Theodore Roosevelt